Funniest Bloopers Anchors Gave Their Viewers on Live TV

Live Television Has Its Faults

Like everyone else, news anchors and reporters can be stressed out or make mistakes while on the job. The only difference being their actions (and reactions) are filmed and televised live, for all to see. From the former Mayor of San Francisco’s wife accidentally saying a little too much, to anchors quitting on-air in epic fashion. These are the craziest things to have ever happened on live television.


Australian Reporters Fight

What happens when three Australian news reporters all wear white on the same day? Pretty much a cat fight. After noticing that all three ladies were wearing white tops during a three-way split screen segment, host Amber Sherlock asked reporter Julie Snook to put on a jacket, to prevent all three from matching. A request turned into a demand after Snook hesitated and rolled her eyes.

“If it’s an issue, I’ll just jump on out, honestly,” Snook says. “Fine, just jump on out, if that’s what you’d like to do” Sherlock replies. The ladies continue to snap at each other, back and forth as they’re all wearing mics. Snook reappears wearing a black jacket and all three ladies are all smiles as they go live.

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