The NYC Halloween Costume that Stole the Show: Silver Surfer Dude

Living in New York City gives you a free pass to wear and do just about anything you want. When people stand out and act different in the streets, it’s seen as just another entertainer looking for 15 minutes of fame. That’s why the sightseeing is so amazing. The Statue of Liberty is amazing, and yes the Empire State Building is cool too, but it is the people watching that really takes the cake. Second only to Vegas, NYC is a breeding ground for entertainers and modern day “freak shows.”

A friend recently explained to me why he loves New York City and the culture. He explained that it’s a city of hustlers and survivors. It takes a lot to afford life in New York City, even at the lowest standard of living. The city will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t learn how to make ends meet. Maybe that is the reason for the plethora of sidewalk entertainment you can run into on any given day. People hustling, people trying to make money in the unforgiving “city that never sleeps.”

This Halloween, a new entertainer took to the streets to perform in his own unique fashion. Clearly in pursuit of creating the next viral YouTube video, this guy Casey Neistat designed his own version of NYC street entertainment. Casey commissioned a friend to paint his body to replicate a silver-casting. He painted a surfboard to match and attached it the the top of a longboard skateboard. Ode to Marvels, The Silver Surfer. Then Casey took the streets, roaming around on his surfboard, looking exactly like the Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer. The animated look of his costume is very super-hero-esc and just in time for Halloween. He’s got some stellar video editing skills as his video has gone viral.  Mission Accomplished. Check him out, surfing around NYC and turning all the heads!

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