The Reason Why This Baby Photo Went Viral Will Break Your Heart!

While his mother Sarah was still pregnant with him, Joey Powling was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot.

When Joey was only 3 months old, he needed to face open-heart surgery — not small thing for people, particularly not for babies. The operation was successful. Five days later, Sarah chose to snap a picture of her little fighter. In the photo, you can plainly see the remaining scar from the surgery made down his mid-section to his stomach.

But this baby boy doesn’t become famous about his scar, but about the expression on his face.

When Sarah’s sibling saw the picture, he shared it immediately. The picture became famous, as individuals complimented the trooper on his very cool-for-school position even after experiencing something frightening to many adult people! Sarah says it was individuals’ thoughtful remarks about that picture that helped her overcome the hard time.

“While he was in the hospital, I’d get on Facebook to see what individuals were saying about it. That helped us a lot. I took that picture since it was the first occasion when they revealed the entire scar. While Joe was playing with him, and I simply needed to get a photo of the scar, and he began smiling,” she said.

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