The Story About This Adorable Baby Goat Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

We hear stories about rescued pets, especially for dogs and cats whose lives are transformed through adaptation and new homes. We share those stories in order to help when we see these furry friends on the street, either by adopting them ourselves or alerting the local pet rescues. Sometimes we can see something else on the side of the road, like a baby goat.

Harley the baby goat was found wandering near busy road. When no owner was found, she was quickly adopted and placed in her new home. Despite numerous attempts, Hooves & Paws owner Michelle couldn’t reach the original owner, but she believes the tag in Harley’s ear indicated that she was being raised for her meat. But now, instead of human appetites, she gets to experience human kindness.

Watch this video to see more adorable footage of Harley.


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