The Tiny Home with the HUGE Curb Appeal

At this point, we’ve all become familiarized with the tiny home movement. There is a rapidly growing trend in the housing market of minimizing square footage and optimizing smaller and smaller spaces. The trend is pushing the limits of traditional building codes and people are getting creative with unique properties while dancing around laws and regulations. Tiny homes, although all very similar in size, are being created in all kinds of different styles. The uniqueness wearing off. That is what I thought until I stumbled upon yet another tiny home this afternoon.

Spite homes are a home or building built directly in spite of another individual or business. Often these strangely placed structures are built to irritate another party or person. Maybe they block the beautiful view from an obnoxious neighbor or perhaps it is built to make a stand against an aggressive commercial developer. Whatever the case, there are times when people built just “in spite” of others. This particular home has a clouded backstory as there are multiple theories as to why it is so small and why it was built in the first place. Upon further research, it appears this small living space is less part of the tiny movement and perhaps instead, built out of spite.

Realtors claim that “curb appeal” has direct effect on the value of your home. Their claim is backed by experience and hard cold facts. No matter how nice or how run-down a home may be, the impression it makes from first sight has a direct effect of the worth of the property. This particular tiny home has maximized its curb appeal. Last listed for sale at $519,000 it is not the size of this home that is creating value. At it’s most narrow point, the house is a mere 4 ft in width. From the curb, however, tiny home looks like an oversized, spacious, two-story, traditional single family home. Referred to as “the Seattle Spite Home,” check out this itty bitty home, with big curb appeal!

Photo by PlanOmatic provided by RE/MAX Eastside Brokers

littlehouse2 littlehouse3 littlehouse4 littlehouse5 littlehouse6 tinyhouse7

All Photos by PlanOmatic provided by RE/MAX Eastside Brokers.

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