The Tiny, Practical ”PodRide” Is A Bicycle And Car, All In One!

Mikael Kjellman, a Swedish design engineer, wanted a bike that was climate protected and more pleasant than the classical bicycle. That is the reason why he created his unusual model of the PodRide, a “fun and very practical bike-auto.” Believe me, when you see this bike-auto in action, you will be amazed.

The PodRide is a combination of bike and a small car. It has 4 wheels, a short rotating radius and the capacity to hit 15 miles per hour. It’s very small (it weighs only 154 pounds), but the same height as a typical auto. It also has a space to store something, and drivers can hook a bicycle trailer to the back. Also you can open the front and side windows on a sunny day for even more pleasant ride. As indicated by, “The PodRide is very small and can fit on standard bicycle paths, and in Sweden is known as an e-bicycle – that means you don’t need particular license or assurance in order to utilize it. Actually, even it’s not the only Swedish four-wheeled cycle auto we have seen.”

In April 2016, Mikael’s PodRide uploaded his idea to YouTube and has earned many comments from people who wish him well with his desing and say they’d purchase one immediately. If you ask me, I would like to have my own PodRide.

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