The Way This Dog Plays Fetch Will Blow Your Mind!

Can your dog catch a Frisbee? And this dog is shooting for the stars! Well… very close. This lady taught her pooch to bring something extra special – a water rocket that is taking off straight into the air! The passion of this frisky dog is ensured to make you smile. You need to see him jumping to bring this flying water rocket! It is very cute. Watch the video to see his action.

This dog is truly making jumps and leaps here. I knew dogs could bounce, but not like this! He flies to get it hold of this water rocket.

In the mean time, my dog doesn’t even want to play fetch. Indeed, she wants to bring, however she doesn’t want to bring the ball back so we can keep playing. When she has the ball in her grasp, she’ll simply lay down to chew on it herself.

This temperament puppy simply wants to continue! He even tries when the rocket has flown too high out of his reach. I adore how he interrupts the flow of water and makes the rocket fall anyways, so when he turns around; it’s sitting tight there on the ground for him.

Somehow, he did it!

What an interesting idea of this proprietor. This is such an interesting trick that’s very pleasant for the dog (he not just wants to bring the flying rocket but also wants playing in the water) and the ideal approach to chill him off in the summer heat.

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