These Hacks Will Help You Go Through The Summer With Ease!

Summer is the season of relaxation, tanning on the beach and poolside lounging, but it comes along with some difficulties. One of the hardest is keeping your drinks cool. Watch these summer hacks and learn how to hack your summer.

In this video you can find water balloon fights, barbecuing, popsicles, swimming…There are so many brilliant hacks; it’s probably hard to catch them all.

DIY frozen yogurt

You don’t have any ice cream in the freezer but you want a cold snack to keep you cool? Don’t waste your time. You just need spoons and a little yogurt containers. Firstly, cut slits on the top of your yogurt containers and stick your spoons right into the yogurt. Put these in the freeze and eat them the next day.

Stop dripping drops

No one likes sticky fingers from drippy drops. Put cupcake liners over your Popsicle sticks. These will keep your hands dry.

Keep spritzers cold

If you want to keep your spritzer delicious and cool, put some fruit (blueberries, grapes or strawberries) in a plastic bag and freeze the fruits. In your next wine spritzer, you can use them as edible ice cubes.

Keep bottles cold

Wrap the bottle in paper towel, then soak the paper towel in cold water and put the bottle in the fridge. The water in the paper will keep the coolness inside the glass.

DIY cooler

Try keeping your dinks cool by making your own, mobile cooler. Bring a plastic bag, a box and ice along with your drinks. Empty the box and use the plastic bag as a liner, filling it with ice and drinks.

DIY watering can

Your plants need extra TLC in the heat. Your plants are bound to die if you don’t have a watering can. You can make your own using empty, large container with a screw-on plastic top. Take the top and use a pin to poke small holes. Fill the container with water and screw the top back on.

Fill water balloons fast

Fill up an empty soap dispenser with water so you can fill water balloons right where you are. If you really want to go crazy, invest in one of those 100 balloon makers and fill 100 water balloons in only a minute.

Hide valuables

If you’re at the park or at the beach, hide rolled-up money in an empty chap-stick container, and to hide your phone, wallet, or larger valuables, use bigger containers.

Hack your phone

You surely don’t want your phone to drop in the pool. In any case, waterproof it by using a plastic baggie from inside.

And you can use your sunglasses as a makeshift phone stand and watch videos on it.

Start your grill

Doritos are very flammable because of the small particles of cheese dust on the chips. Also, you can use Vaseline and cotton balls to get a similar effect.

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