These Teens Just Made A Huge Mistake Messing With The Ice Cream Worker’s Stutter!

Bullying is never okay and it should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Elena is a teenager who has problems with her speech and she stutters. While common, stuttering is not linked to an intellectual discrepancy in any way and can be corrected, with things as simple as being patient with the person and try to talk slower with them.

These actors were hired to mock Elena and nobody knew about it, except Elena. After their rude comments, a girl stood up to them and simply asked them to stop and that their behavior is extremely inappropriate. She even requested to see the store owner and described the situation and what Elena had to go through. At the end she broke down in tears from the situation and how bad she felt for what they were doing to Elena.

The other customers in this video all reacted the same n defense to Elena. One woman requested that the actors be denied service.

When the camera crew reveal itself, her reaction was shocking. Watch in the video bellow.

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