These Two Guys Were SHOCKED, Whey They Saw What The Bank Was Up To!

ATM. What does it stand for? Automated Teller Machine? Not today, because today it stands for Automated Thanking Machines. TD Bank Canada has decided to show its loyal customers a little appreciation and has transformed their ATM machines into a place where thank you can be said when needed.

A lot of the customers received gifts that they had anticipated for a long time or even a financial help they were desperately in need for. They had even given an old woman tickets to see her daughter in Trinidad, and even tickets for a Blue Jays game. This is something that TD bank is proud to offer its customers and they are even more than grateful to be able to receive such gifts and acts of kindness.

A thank you can mean a lot especially if its sinecure and given when needed. Great work on TD’s behalf.

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