These Two Kids Just Made Everyone Cried…With Their Amazing Talent!

This has got to be the most talented signing duo which has managed to amaze the audience for the second time on live television. Celine Tam is a 7 year old girl from Hong Kong and Jeffrey Li is a 10 year old boy from Canada, and both of them have an incredible talent for singing. When asked, both of them have said that Celine Dion is their favorite singer and inspiration.

Their debut performance was “You Raise Me Up” and they performed in China. Now they are back again for another performance on Steve Harvey’s show – The Big Shots.

This duo is incredibly passionate about singing and they both have a very bright future ahead of them. While they sound incredible as a duo, their individual solos were beyond perfect. For such a young age, these two singers have an incredible talent that will take them far in life if they continue to pursue it.


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