They Live in a Horse Stable with Their Horses. Wait Until You See Inside!

You’d probably be very confused if somebody were tell you they live in a horse stable with horses, and maybe a little concerned about them. But that is normal for Joanna Walters and her husband Ryan. Joanna used to ride out in the Ride Around Horse Stable in Gwynedd, PA and she always hoped somebody would take the old barn and restore it. But she didn’t know that those people would be her and Ryan. In this video you can see how this couple created a beautiful stable and home for them and their horses from this old barn.

The old carriage house fell into ruin decades before Joanna and Ryan got a hold of the barn, and it was not doing so great – it took the couple three years to restore the whole thing.

Now the living room is where the barn’s bathroom used to be, complete with a roaring fire. Opposite that is a master dining room and kitchen, which was rounded out pleasantly by a curving island and lots of warm, wooden accents.

The previous barn loft is presently the couple’s master bedroom suite, painted with amazing red walls.

One thing we cherish is the way Joanna and Ryan kept some of the barn’s historical integrity intact. For example, the couple kept the entire barn’s unique beams set up – this gives the entire home a cool, rustic feel and keeps the barns roots alive.

And after that, the house associates with the remodeled horse stable. All horse lovers are now immediately jealous considering having the capacity to live with their horses! This barn home is real dream.


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