Thirty-Something Mom Is Nervous To Audition On ”Britain’s Got Talent”

37 year old Rachael Wooding is a housewife and a mother to 11 month old girl Emmy. Prior to her occupation as a hovering mother, she was an artist in musical theater. Rachael performed her last show in 2014, got pregnant on her honeymoon, and left her acting and singing acting career behind. It’s nothing unexpected that she is so nervous to make that big appearance at “England’s Got Talent.”

She urgently needs the judges to like her, not for playing a character but rather for being herself. Her glow and glamour immediately intrigues them, yet does she have the performing chops?

Before Rachael starts to sing, Simon asks her why she’s so nervous. “Having an infant, I’m the same individual yet it just changes you,” she says. “I’m still me but actually I’m not.” Sure, it probably sounds strange, but rather it’s a sentimentality each mother can get it.

Once the music begins Rachael sings her interpretation of “With You” from Ghost? It doesn’t take long for all of the judges, including Simon, to choose whether or not she’s deserving of coming back to the stage.


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