This 2-Year Old Was Born with a Rare Condition That Caused Blindness. After Surgery, She Sees Her Mom for the 1st Time. Watch Her Reaction!

This is a very touching story. Two-year-old little Princesinha Nicolly was born with a very rare condition where liquid was constantly developing in her eyes, bringing on visual deficiency. Her parents were not able to find treatment in rural Brazil, so her mother posted the story on Facebook. After couple of days, the story had been spread through the world and they collected 17,000 dollars to bring the girl to the U.S. for her eyes operation. Watch her whole story in this video to see the moment when she sees her mother for the first time.

Now she is wearing special glasses that will help her adjust to her first years with full sight and specialists will monitoring her advancement through the course of the following year. But now, she is living happy and healthy life!

This was a very touching moment – not only this little girl being overcome with her capacity to see for the first time, however her mom being overcome with emotion realizing that her girl was really looking at her with her eyes for the very first time.

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