This 3-Year Old Has Only Been Doing Gymnastics for 6 Months. You Won’t Believe What She Can Do!

As a little kid, all of us had a fantasy of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Maybe it’s easy to say that some of us were improving our abilities for our future professions at the age of 3. It’s easy to say that even some were amazing at what they wanted to do at the age of 3. Not so for youthful Emma. Emma is more than only a sweet, beautiful little girl – she’s also a stunning gymnast. And she is only 3 years old. Watch this video to see Emma’s action, and you’ll be surprised.

Thanks to Ellen, we got the opportunity to see Emma’s ability live on TV! Wow, look how amazing she is!

Emma began her training when she was 2 1/2 years – which was before 6 months. From that point, she has turned into incredibly extraordinary at what she does, particularly her back hand spring (which numerous adults would never dare attempt). Her favorite athlete is American gymnast, Gabby Douglas.

This young lady is simply extraordinary! She is very intelligent for her age, very talented, and we would like to see her at the Olympics 2028.

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