This Awesome Baby Bird Amazes Everyone Who Meets Him!

We should love and respect people not for what they look on the outside but for who they are inside. My teachers said that we are all different but we deserve to be treated the same. We have our responsibility to treat everyone with respect.

But, it is not the case for everyone. Nowadays or so-called modern age, there is too much discrimination about social circles and the whole society, especially on how we look. You can see that clearly on the news. That can also break your heart.

Unfortunately, this discrimination doesn’t stop just at humans. Many animals are abused or abandoned when they don’t look like that they’re required to. Very often, small dogs and cats are left to die in an abandoned area only because there is something different about them, in spite of being totally healthy.

No one deserves to die just because they don’t look “normal”, no matter they are human or not.

A sweet green parakeet named Whipper was abandoned as a baby. Whipper was very healthy, but he was born with a genetic mutation that makes his beautiful feathers wispy and thin. Luckily for him, Julie Hayward of Winton, New Zealand, took him under her wing.


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