This BRILLIANT Idea Helps Homeless Dogs While Paying You Cash!

One of the most concerning issues most animal shelters face is how to increase awareness. They have many animals that need another home, but how do they get the word out to a wide public? Budgets are usually low, and there isn’t much space for marketing, so lots of adoptable pets go unnoticed.

That is the reason why another organization now looking for funding through Indiegogo is such a fabulous idea – the Hidden Cash For Cats And Dogs is an extraordinary approach to not just raise funds for an animal shelter in need, additionally raise awareness of the creatures in the shelter itself.

“The Cash Stash is a group driven scavenger hunt devoted to advancing the stories of creatures in need of adoption at local animal shelters,” explain the developers. “We’ll be concealing money in communities all over the east cost of the United States. And when individuals find this money, they’ll likewise find the photo and story of a shelter creature currently ready for adoption. When somebody finds the photo of a shelter animal and shares it on Facebook, VidFall makes a donation to the nearby shelter where the animal lives!”

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