This Dad Kicked His Son Out, And Years Later….He Is In Tears!

Not everybody is blessed with the same fortune. Some people go through their lives without major hardship, while others face it every day. And that seems to be the balance of life. For Sean Whalen, the struggle of growing up with only one parent has come as a flash once he saw a waitress serve food on a Wednesday night.

She reminded him of his mother, who after being kicked out by their dad was forced to work continuously just to provide enough for him and his brother. And she didn’t stop, no matter what life threw down her path, she overcame it and she continued praying and working hard. This for him was something that was incomprehensible, and made him wonder where she found her energy and willpower. But he realized that when he became a parent himself.

And the waitress he saw, reminded him exactly of his mother, whose efforts almost like a flash came back to him. He realized the countless nights she must’ve spent on her feet working just to be able to make ends meet.

While he acknowledges that this tip will not entirely change the life of the waitress in whom he saw the resemblance to his mother, he still wanted to help her efforts and make sure that she continues to work hard and provide for her children. Because bringing happiness in the lives of others can make all the difference in the world.

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