This Dog Has The Funniest Reaction When His Owner Sneezes!

Of course, we all know that dogs are very intelligent animals. I am always surprised by their intelligence– particularly this astounding pit bull! Her name is Veronica-Lynn and her owner has taught her some truly awesome tricks that you are going to love, for example, bringing tissues, saying Grace before a dinner, and assisting in the kitchen. Just watch the video!

Veronica has been trained with totally force free positive training – verbal markers, the clicker, bridge and target and a lot of treats. When her tail is down, that means she is concentrating and focusing on her trick. When her tail is up, she’s finished her trick and is expecting her treat!

These tricks are viewed as “intermediate”… which makes me feel that the “advanced” tricks must be truly incredible. I’m really surprised by all the interesting things Veronica can do.

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