This Frog Is Both The Cutest And Deadliest Animal!

This is an Australian tree frog, which has a small appearance but a fierce capability. While they are harmless to humans and usually make great household pets, these frogs will completely take you by surprise if they are given a chance to come near a big spider or a snake.

They tend to make their nests near water tanks and can sometimes cause problems in the pipes by getting stuck.

But besides being pesky sometimes by finding their way into places where they don’t belong, these frogs exhibit a great amount of skill when it comes to fighting other harmful predators. Take a look at this snake for example.

They are even known to eat bats, which is a creature larger than their size.

Their diet is mostly mice however so keeping them as pets would not be difficult. And if you think about it, this frog can pretty much eliminate any spider or snake infestation, and yet it is harmless to humans. Unless you absolutely dislike frogs, the Australian tree frog can make a great pet and keep you safe from unwanted rodents on your property.

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