This Girl NEVER Expected This From A Homeless Man!

People tend to be full of judgement for those who are less fortunate and how they ended up in the position that they are in. And yet, there are events like this one that change your entire perspective on how you perceive others.

Nicole Sedgebeer is a young woman who after a night of fun with her friends was left stranded outside a train station after the last train had departed. With nowhere to go, she was about to break down into tears as a friendly, homeless man approached her. This was Mark, a person you might walk past without thinking twice about or might even throw a judgement as to why he ended up being homeless. But with all the kindness and help he had to offer, he managed to escort Nicole to a nearby café which was open, and offered to come back in the morning to help her walk to the station as it was not the safest part of town.

Nicole in disbelief waited but did not expect Mark to return. And yet, just past five o clock in the morning he showed up. He had even taken a bus to make it on time from where he was sleeping on the street and ended up helping Nicole reach the train stop safely.

Mark and Nicole taking a selfie, which was a first for him

There is a lot of compassion in this world and it usually happens when you least expect it. Be kind to those around you and you will be surprised what difference in your life it will make.

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