This Guy Rescued A Wild Horse, But He Never Expect This To Happen In Return!

These are wild horses in rural Romania, where there is a practice to chain their front or back legs together to prevent them from galloping too far away. This is a very cruel practice which usually leaves the horses in pain and prevents them from enjoying life and the nature they were born in. It also increases the risk that they fall and further injure themselves.

Veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu, who works for Four Paws, an organization which helps animals facing abuse, is the one helping the horse in the video. While reluctant at first, the horse took his first steps of being free and unchained and was truly happy as seen by his reaction. The wild horse then brings his head close to Ovidiu’s face as a form of gratitude for helping him run free again.

Acts of kindness like this should never be overlooked, and those that dedicate their lives to saving others are the true heroes of our society.

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