This Is The Most Hilarious Video We’ve Seen With Tom Hanks!

Undoubtedly, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors is Tom Hanks. He’s a household name who has started in touching love stories, epic dramas and hilarious comedies.

While we all know how talented actor is Tom, we had no idea he was such a passionate pageant dad.

Sorry to disappoint any pageant fans, but we’re only joking.

A couple of years ago, when Tom Hanks came on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, he allowed on cameras to visit his house, where he was ironically teaching his daughter Sophie for an upcoming event. Exactly, the Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby event.

The bit on The Tonight Show is intended to be a spoof on the well known show Toddlers and Tiaras, where we get a close look into the (regularly dramatic) life of pageant families.

What’s more, the Hanks family (because Sophie is truly Tom’s daughter) hits the nail on the head! The spoof is very hilarious – and between his attractive strut, his unusually great baton whirling, and the contentions Tom gets into with his “pageant daughter,” we’re sincerely trusting Tom Hanks may secretly be Miss America.

To plan for Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada, Tom trains with Sophie (our most loved part is the point at which he spritzes her with water when she tries to go for a cookie yelling, “Swim suit COMPETITION!”), and even does her make-up for her.

Nicknamed “Sparkle time.” I cannot stop laughing.

All of this is before Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada even starts which, obviously, the most humorous ending is. While Sophie performs, Tom Hanks does every one of the moves with her, in sync, out in the audience with other parent. Beautiful.

Obviously, this is a big spoof on the well known reality show, and the Tonight Show writers completely nailed the joke.

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