This Is The Most Jealous Baby We’ve Ever Seen!

Everyone who has a sister or brother, know that sibling competition is very real. Regardless of the fact that you love your siblings, it’s very difficult to not have some rivalry between each other. People say that this tension begins at birth. These two cute twins clearly demonstrate that! When it’s time for dinner, this mom is trying to feed her both twins. Each time she goes to feed one, the other one begins to cry jealously!

These twins really love food so much that they can’t remain to watch their sibling eat without them! I don’t know if the food is that good, or they are just jealous.

Maybe it’s both.

It’s so interesting how their face reactions change from completely comforted and upset at the same time. Just about when the spoon leaves their mouth, they’ll watch it go to the baby food and after that go to their sibling… and immediately begin to cry.

This poor mom has got two competitive babies.

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