This Little Boy Is Walking His Dog. Then He Sees a Puddle. What Happens Next Is So Cute!

There is nothing cuter than a small boy walking his best dog companion. That’s until a puddle is thrown into the question. When this young man, Arthur (boy with the cutest name), is strolling his canine down the road, he gets distracted by a puddle. He then continues to tenderly place the puppy’s belt down and go have a great time in puddle! This is very cute. Watch this video to see this cuteness.

A great video to end up your week! A kid, his canine, and his puddle. That sounds like a truly fabulous children TV show.

I love watching Arthur’s playing in his new found puddle and the puppy doesn’t even move. He just stands in his position and watches while Arthur plays. That is a good friend.

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