This Looks Like A Fish, But It’s Actually A Person!

This looks amazing. These frames look like they are various exotic animals – a chameleon, a fish and a frog. Yet, we are only tricked into seeing these animals. You’ll never accept what you’re ACTUALLY seeing. Watch the video to understand what you’re actually seeing.

In fact, these “animals” are actually people, with exceptionally beauty and complex body paint on their skin to make them seem like some creatures. They are a part of an art exhibit by Italian artist Johannes Stoetter.

To make these mind boggling creations, it takes more than body paint. Stoetter utilizes numerous models, slouched and contorted into unusual shapes to make the illusion of a creature.

Stoetter is now planning his next piece of art, and I know we’re all enthusiastically waiting to see what excellent, unique work he’ll make next.

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