This Splashing Adorable Pup Will Make Make Your Day 100% Better!

Lots of dogs love swimming in the pool just as much as we do. And also, we love watching their cute hijinks in the water. Maybe it sounds weird, but that is something naturally that all dogs want to do, and there is even a swimming style named after their paddling. A pool is very different from lakes or rives where our dog’s ancestors learned to swim, and that ours might need to do a little learning, a little watching and a little waiting. This cute Boxer dog will show us.

Firstly, there’s the warm-up activity. Then, the puppy looks around and watches his friends bobbing and floating. Then, he is all in for some family pool time. He’s learning to play in the water and joining in the splashing game with the kids. He’s so enthusiastic and pretty good in aiming his splashes at the kids. Watch Boxer puppy’s swimming and splashing skills in this video.

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