This Zoo In Japan Is Building Swimming Pools For Elephants??

Summer is already here, and if the heat index is anything to pass by, it’s been a hot one!

When I have a chance, I am at my friend’s swimming pool or at the beach chilling in the sea. I can’t endure the warmth without water. But people aren’t the only ones who need. When the temperature starts to climb, elephants also love to go for a swim.

Recently, one child elephant at the Dallas Zoo had the greatest day ever learning what a swimming pool was. He got his own particular pool to play in!

At the Fuji Safari Park in Japan, staff members built a 65-meter long elephant swimming pool. The pool has expanded the elephants’ food consumption, as they eat significantly more after a couple laps in the pool.

Zoo visitors can see how the elephants swim in the water. Also they can see which ways the elephants move their feet and the way that they simply put the tip of their trunk out of the water to breathe.

The zoo is extremely aware of keeping their visitors cheerful, they even let individuals hold little lions and take pictures with them.

Would you like to visit this zoo?

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