TRENDING: Deer Makeup!


October marks the begin of the Halloween prep season. October first seems to be the day when one can become obsessed with pumpkin spiced anything without ridicule. No matter the official start date of fall, it seems October is the true start of the season. It’s time to start buying apple candles and pinning your favorite spiced cider recipes. It’s time to break out the sweaters and boots and add endless layers to the wardrobe. Halloween becomes a hot topic and the latest costume trends and styles emerge as people’s plans for the holidays take flight. One costume trend for women began a few years ago and has yet to fizzle out. The deer costume. Yes, deer makeup started trending on Pinterest a couple of years ago and it is going to be out in full force again this season. The cool thing about deer is that they travel in herds. It’s much more common to see two or more deer than just one hanging out alone. So let’s say you opt for the deer costume this year. You won’t be alone. But rather than it being disappointing to show up to a party where your outfit has been duplicated, it can be something to celebrate. Yeah, the deer makeup/costume trend might be getting overdone, but its popularity makes it much more realistic. Rather than a solo deer, you’ll likely end up part of a herd. There are many different trending deer makeup styles and they range from very simple to more involved and extreme. Whatever level of face painting extreme you wish to go to, there are a full range of options to choose from. We’ve gathered some of the trendiest deer makeup styles on the internet and brought them to you here. Check out this tutorial and images of the best makeup for deer costumes this season. 

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