Ultrasound Shows Couple Is Expecting… A Chevy?

Mike and Reena Roberts went for an ultrasound. Even the couple’s sonogram tech didn’t exactly comprehend what the father-to-be was seeing. Mike realized that his eyes were not tricking him: She was not pregnant with an infant, but rather she was plainly expecting a…auto! The couple started laughing about it. While a lot of parents trust they see blessings or angels in their ultrasounds, this family appears to have the feeling of another auto!

Mike shared the picture and it rapidly became famous online as commenter’s attempted to figure out which auto it was. Some recommended it was a Nissan 370Z, while less-awed posters joked that it was just a PT Cruiser.

“We know it’s a baby auto,” Reena told CNN. Mike likes to think about the auto in the oven as another Bugatti, a standout amongst the most costly autos on the planet. One thing is without a doubt, whether the child joins NASCAR or not, I am certain he’ll get a remarkable laugh out of knowing he was celebrated before he was even born!

Mother has a truly decent nickname for her unborn child also, calling him the “all-new Ford Fetus.” It unquestionably has a ring to it. Have you ever experienced any odd ultrasound photographs?

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