Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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Foot in mouth? Or maybe this pumpkin ate the entire person. You never know what can happen on Halloween, do you? This is a great idea for a front stoop jack-o-lantern, to scare you neighbors. A scraping tool gives the effect you want.

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Perfect for your little princess. A great non-scary way to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween or any time. Re-create Cindarella’s magical pumpkin carriage ride by adding windows, curtains and of course the dolls.

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Boo, it’s a mummy pumpkin. To create this effect all you  need is gauze and some goofy eyes that you can buy at any fabric store. A unique take on pumpkin decorating.

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Cartoon characters always make for great pumpkin decorating. Use your imagination, paint, stick-ons, and eyes to create just about any character you can think of.

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Use glow sticks in your halloween pumpkins instead of candles -- or make these glowing ninja turles out of watermelons!!

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Do you kids love Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles? Who doesn’t? This is a great way to pay homage to the fierce quartet. Watermelons work best for this because they are already green. Once you carve them use the appropriate colored lights to show which turtle is which.

DIY Halloween: DIY Cannibalistic Pumpkin Carving: DIY Halloween Decor

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Oh no, a pumpkin ate his baby! Yep, this is a Halloween favorite and pretty easy to do. You’ll need a big pumpkin and a small one. Then you can be as creative as you like with it.

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Another take on the mummy pumpkin, only a little more elaborate. Using a white pumpkin, slice it carefully, width wise, and then reassemble. It has a great look once you put a light inside.

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