Wait Until You See This 60-Year-Old Woman Dance to a Bruno Mars Song! Wow!

Ellen uploaded a video of her dance instructor, Shirley, dancing to Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk”, the internet exploded. Even Bruno Mars was surprised by how this lady nailed a Bruno’s hip hop dance. Unfortunately, Shirley will be retiring soon, so Ellen invited her on her show to give Shirley and her children one more opportunity to demonstrate their talent! Watch the video to see the astonishing dance.

We see that these young ladies are very talented, yet you can’t keep your eyes from Shirley! Also, it’s not only her wild pink, bewilder sweat jacket, either. She can amazingly move!

To make things much better, Shirley clearly cherishes her children and the children clearly love Shirley. It’s awesome that they got an astounding good example and such a skilled instructor to learn from!

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