Wait Until You See What Happens When These Babies See a Glass Floor for the 1st Time! So Cute!

Probably we remember how we responded to seeing glass for the first time. Yet, watching this video gives you a quite positive feeling of how it may have gone. These two lovable children are strolling along a hallway when they come to a glass aquarium in the floor. We would realize that this is for aesthetic and that you can walk directly over the glass… however these infants have never seen glass. What’s more, they are exceptionally confused. Watch the video to see their cure reaction.

It makes sense. You know what a floor looks like… and after that there’s this part of the glass floor where it seems nothing is there! If you are not sure there’s a floor, probably you’re going to be nervous walking over it.

After a couple tries, the children finally cross over to their father on the other side. Yet, not without some seriously cute test runs.

One of them tries to climb down the glass, supposing it’s only a little drop. He has a hard time getting through the glass, obviously. The other infant realizes he’ll need to walk across – yet does such amazingly carefully, similar to the floor is going to drop away any second.

Finally, he does get across the risky glass with a courageous jump to safety. He is small Indiana Jones.

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