Watch What Happens To This Girl, After She Makes This Simple Mistake In A Parking Lot !

Parking areas are very used places and also very dangerous. It’s very easy to hide and crouch behind or between the vehicles because of the sheer and clutter size of cars. Unfortunately, there are people who use this to prey on people who are trying to get into their cars. Because of the hiding spots, this is ideal location for people to hide. While approaching their car, people are distracted of their surroundings making them easy targets.

Nobody is resistant to a surprise attack. This could happen while you are distracted by your mobile phone and totally unaware of anything around you. While approaching your vehicle, you should always check your surroundings, because you can be kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car. Also, you should pay attention to strangers. When you see someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, stare them down until they back off. While leaving a store, you should prepare your keys and have a free hand. Watch this video to see more tips.

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