Watch What Happens When These Cows Hear Live Music for the 1st Time!

What do you think could happen when you play live music for cows? That is the thing what Cleveland-based artists Amy Lee, Frank Rosenwein, and Joanna and Mike Zakany chose to discover when they played some of their music for dairy animals Kayli, Maybelle, Mike and Maribeth. With two violins, an oboe, and a guitar, the performers set out to check if they couldn’t glow up some moments for the cute cows. The consequences of their improvised performance? You’ll need to watch the video to see the outcomes for yourself!

It’s insane to think, in spite of the fact that we hear music most likely each day of our lives; somehow, these dairy animals have presumably never heard music! In the end, they’ve never heard live music played – not to mention played for them.

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