What This Mom Did With Her Son Just Went Extremely Viral!

Elena Shumilova started taking photos of her sons in 2014, in the Russian countryside. On a joke, Elena posted her pictures on the web. But she didn’t know her work would evoke a chord with millions of individuals through the world.

Elena spent her days outside as a kid, connecting with nature and falling in love with everything around her. As a grown-up, “real life” assumed control and she moved to the city and started working as an architect. But, she knew something was missing.

After she got married and two little boys, Elena left her work as an architect to take care for the children. She and her spouse chose to move far from the city to a beautiful ranch on the lake — far from the pollution and noise. Her two boys had an opportunity to remember the childhood she appreciated as a young girl. Elena’s children spent their days running, climbing and investigating, “untainted by the world.” One day, Elena grabbed a camera and began snapping photos of her children. Since then, she saw the world in a whole new light…

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