What This Pregnant Mom Did Just Went Viral!

Honestly, pregnancy is rewarding and beautiful, but at the same time it’s hard. It’s harder when you’re pregnant with multiples and your due date is past. Then some women go for a check-up and some of them try traditional home remedies like eating spicy foods, walking or climbing stairs. But Jen decided to do something funnier.

Jen was desperate after trying for ten days to induce labor naturally at home. She decided to record this video for her twins Issac and Westor, who are four days overdue. “Let’s get it started” is not a short song, but Jen and her husband Devin keep dancing through the whole thing.

Maybe it looks a little silly, but being four days overdue is enough to drive anyone crazy. I think is looks fun and these babies definitely were coming into a house full of love and appreciation. Two days after this dance party, they finally did.

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