What This Woman Just Build Was Watched By Millions!

You will be amazed when you see Bonnie’s tiny houseboat. Her dad was a log driver, similar to his dad before him, so Bonnie always felt that she belonged on water. So when she was thinking about building a little place of some sort, a houseboat appeared like the right decision for her! This 4 season houseboat is set up for each season of year and the specially designed cabinets and windows? All things considered, you need to see how extraordinary this tiny houseboat is for yourself! Watch the video to see the whole thing.

Bonnie got this idea when her boat builder companion, Denis Tremblay, persuaded her that a tiny houseboat was the best approach to live different.

The boat is based on 5 pontoons that are designed to give flotation while still taking some water to hold the boat weighed down for safety. The pontoons are additionally designed to freeze in the ice amid the cold winters.

We call this a 4-season houseboat since it is completely protected and has an antique wood burning fireplace to give heat in winter. They installed a profound cycle marine battery for power that gives 12-Volt energy to the lights, navigation lights and bilge pump. For refrigeration, Bonnie uses a cooler with ice; however she may put some solar panels so that she can power a real fridge.

The primary floor has a toilet, kitchen, living room and dining room, and upstairs there is a comfortable resting space with a grill floor that permits warmth to rise through the floor, which is excellent. Furthermore, for the best view imaginable, the space leads to a rooftop patio to absorb it all in.

The boat has a gas engine which can be taken out of the river when Bonnie has chosen to settle in some place. The boat is now docked in the sweet small town of Wakefield, Québec where there are charming restaurants, bistros and shops right over the road!

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