When This Dog Barked at the Skateboard, I Had No Idea THIS Was Going to Happen! Wow!

When I was in high school, I thought I would learn how to skateboard one day. For most of us, probably that didn’t go over very well…not for me. That’s why you have to see this video. This dog is hanging out with his proprietor at a skate park. We see him bark at a skateboard, and the all of a sudden he begins to keep running for it – and what happens next is astonishing! You need to watch the video to see it for yourself.

This is Eric the French bulldog, and he is a skateboarding expert.

I don’t know if I’m super awed or super jealous – or possibly both. How is this canine so great at skateboarding when my 14-year-old self couldn’t remain on one for over two seconds?! Stunning.

Not just can Eric coast along on the skateboard (which would have been noteworthy all alone), yet he PUSHES himself for more speed and can get some genuine air on those skate bowl walls! Furthermore, his proprietor guarantees that Eric taught himself how to skate.

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