Wife Compromises Obsession With Disney Toys To Save Marriage!

Graham and Claire have been together for almost 14 years. And there has been developing anxiety in their marriage for a long time. Claire confess that lots of people think she is nuts because of her strange passion — which is ok, everybody has their caprices. Yet, when her spouse Graham started to agree with them, she took it as a warning that perhaps things need to change.

Claire is preoccupied with Disney toy collectibles and puppets. They are everywhere through their home. Graham feels like he is suffocating and has considered ending the marriage as a result of it. Maybe Claire should have read this post on how to decorate her home without making mess!

“In the event that I don’t get my space, then there will be a mass of collectibles on the floor and a lock on my entryway,” says Graham.

They sleep on a Little Mermaid duvet fit for youngsters. His home office is full with a mess of plush animals and toys. You cannot enter in the guest room because it’s overstuffed. Graham doesn’t believe that his spouse will change rapidly nor does he want that. He simply needs his very own little space. With the assistance of a cleaning up specialists, Claire accepted to go through her collection and give what she doesn’t need to charity. When Graham sees how she changed his office, the spouse couldn’t get the smile off of his face!

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