Wild Turkey Chases A Man Around A Country Road In New York!

Wild animals are unpredictable in their own particular ways. Regardless of how little, soft, or sweet they might seem on the outside, you ought to never approach one of those animals without proper training and safety for you and the creature. Simply you never know when that charming face can turn into your worst dream.

Obviously, there have been a lot of absolutely innocent interactions, similar to the cute kid who had a pleasant chat with some turkeys (from a safe distance) in his front yard. But, even something as apparently harmless as a few gobblers can go bad — simply ask the poor postman who manages a fowl gathering of bullies every day!

Fortunately, the two men in this video don’t appear to be in any danger when a wild turkey strolls up to them in the woods of upstate New York. The little buddy doesn’t seem to be afraid of them, and he jabbers away at them with his foolish hoots and honks. They’re both baffled by the feathered fella’s odd conduct; however I believe he’s simply searching for some new companions!

It even seems as though he’s attempting to play a session of tag with one of the men as he follows close on the human’s heels while he keeps running around and runs not far off a bit. I’ve never seen anything like this, and it’s genuinely making me really anxious I wasn’t there to meet this friendly guy personally.

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