You Just Have To See This Video Of A Dog Conquering His Fear of Hula Hoops!

We all fear from something whether it’s clown, heights, spider or animal. Maybe they don’t make sense but actually they do. Indeed, even Max the Siberian husky has his unreasonable fears… like hula hoops. We’re not certain why, but Max is horrified of hula hoops and declines to stroll through them. So Max’s proprietors tries hard to help their husky beat his odd fear of the powerful and great hula hoop! Watch the video to see what happens.

Getting Max over his trepidation is not as simple as we thought. It needs a few tries to get Max to finally stroll through an entryway with a hula hoop in it, yet eventually makes it through.

The young men try going through the hoop themselves just to show Max it’s safe to pass through it. They try tempting him with treats from the other side, yet nothing seems to be helping.

After lot of demonstration, Max makes it through the hula hoop! Good boy!

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