You Will Never Believe What This Awesome Lady Is Doing For Homeless Women!

Being homeless is harsh and unforgiving. However being a homeless woman has a ton of more difficulties. Maintaining proper feminine hygiene without access to a home is an incredible struggle and someone in this situation needs all the help they could get.
In the U.S. there are 500,000 homeless people on any given night. This is where Dana Marlowe has managed to make a huge difference and an impact in many homeless women’s lives.

After losing weight she has realized that she has a lot of bras that she simply doesn’t use. This has led to a movement where she has donated over 8,000 bras and almost 30,000 products for feminine hygiene. Dana has posted on her Facebook and has had many people send her bras they no longer need in order to help her cause.

She has made a huge different in the lives of those most in need. Having access to the right products as a woman is important, and some of the homeless women have been going on for months without access to basic amenities. Dana is changing lives and helping those around her. Share this story to show the world how everyone is capable of making a change with the right idea and desire in their heart and mind.

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